TSS - Tactical Sailing Situations


Version 2.6H is available! (02 Apr 2015)

  • New trimaran shape
  • Bug fix: Optimist overlap position
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Version 2.6G (20 Nov 2010)

  • Sails representation has been improved
  • Registration key can be obtained directly from TSS
  • TSS checks for update at startup
  • Judges and wings are now animated as racing boats

Version 2.6F (1 Nov 2010)

  • Tornado and Optimist can be used in diagrams
  • Bug fix: Bad display of comments/remarks

Version 2.6E (7 Jun 2010)

  • Animation speed can be changed
  • Step by step mode has been improved
  • TSS can check itself for new version
  • Help has been updated
  • Bug fix: Printing fits one page when possible

Version 2.6D (9 Jan 2010)

  • New animation with continuous move of boats
  • New welcome panel to help creating or opening a diagram
  • Bug fix: Incorrect spinnaker with manual trimming and boat by the lee
  • Search panel improvement
  • Setup panel location improvement

Version 2.6C (18 Dec 2009)

  • Bug fix: Incorrect ballon association in 'Step by step' or 'Animate' mode
  • Diagram can be scrolled by moving the mouse with the left button depressed
  • Zoom factor can be changed with the mouse wheel and the Cntrl key
  • Bug fix: Invalid rotation of curved arrow with right mouse button

Version 2.6B (13 Dec 2009)

  • Bug fix: Error while saving a diagram as a picture
  • Bug fix: Error while clicking on 'Cancel' on an empty comment

Version 2.6A (28 Apr 2009)

  • Nicer drawings
  • Undo facilities
  • Gate area
  • Multiple diagrams can be opened simultaneously in one execution
  • A new installer (compatible Windows 64 bits)

Version 2.5I (21 Mar 2009)

  • Bug Fix: Error while deleting an object

Version 2.5H (31 Jan 2009)

  • Bug Fix: 'Access violation' popup while deleting Balloon or Comment
  • Bug fix: Wrong 'Rigth Of Way' boat when rule 13 applies

Version 2.5G (19 Jan 2009)

  • Default circle radius around marks and obstruction is 3 boat lengths
  • Support of PNG image format

Version 2.5F (4 Aug 2008)

  • 'Flogging' spinnaker when luffing above close hauled
  • First try to show basic rules that apply on each situation
  • Corrections of 'Setup' bugs introduced by previous version

Version 2.5E (20 Jul 2008)

  • Curved Arrows (mark rounding, boat altering course...)
  • Diagrams can be saved as multiple JPG pictures (PowerPoint presentations)
  • Diagrams can be exported on a Repository on the TSS Web Server

Version 2.5D (24 Feb 2008)

  • Correct of a problem introduced by 2.5C with manual sail triming
  • Wrong directory for pictures pickup

Version 2.5C (21 Jan 2008)

  • Spinnaker (symetric and asymetric)
  • Animated GIF with only one situation at a time
  • One situation or cumulative display while Step by step or Animate
  • Boats are displayed according to situation number (Last on top)
  • Better boat selection when multiple boats in the same place
  • Help still available when TSS is started from a mail or a web page

Version 2.5B (26 Nov 2007)

  • Password migration errors for Names shorter than 12 characters

Version 2.5A (6 Oct 2007)

  • Windows Vista support
  • Pictures can be added to diagrams (flags, logos...)

Version 2.4E (10 Mar 2007)

  • Balloons were incorrectly associated
  • Fonts color and size
  • Diagrams saved as animated GIFs now loop continuously

Version 2.4D (18 Feb 2007)

  • Diagrams can be saved as animated GIF images
  • Help file uses now CHM format

Version 2.4C (28 Apr 2006)

  • Garbage when using two boat length circle around committee boat

Version 2.4B (21 Jun 2006)

  • Bugfixes

Version 2.4A (01 May 2005)

  • Boats aspect ratio can be changed
  • Marks size can be changed
  • Boats can be moved and rotated in step-by-step mode
  • Read-only diagrams can be opened

Version 2.3C (08 Mar 2005)

  • When saved as image, the format used is GIF instead of JPG
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